Kia is known for its exceptional lineup of affordable and efficient vehicles. It also offers many luxury performance models to go along with this as well. The latest Kia models is going to be even better than anything you have ever seen before. It is going to make your daily commute in Nashua, NH, something to look forward to, even in a used Kia. It is also going to make those trips across Chelmsford fun and exciting. At Gervais Kia, we know you will love what Kia has to offer. The variety of new Kia vehicles is outstanding, so you always have something for your specific requirements.


Kia has an entire lineup of sedans. They range from affordable to luxurious. It means you get many options when you go with this manufacturer. It starts with the Kia Rio and ends with the Kia K900. Each option has different features, and they are each meant to serve multiple segments. The K900 is its exceptional luxurious brand to compete with the likes of Mercedes. If you are looking for a sports car, Kia also offers the Stinger.


In terms of SUVs, you have the choice between crossovers, medium-size SUVs, and very large luxury SUVs. You also have a whole host of electric and hybrid SUVs. It means you have enough here to give you the ultimate driving experience in Billerica. The most affordable option offers performance, storage, and value. However, you can also get the Carnival MPV. It offers the most luxury possible in a Kia SUV.

Sports Cars

Kia is also starting to compete in the sports car arena. It offers the Stinger and K5. However, the Stinger is the highest performing sports car in its lineup. It offers a powerful V-6 engine, but it is still efficient enough to keep you away from the gas pumps. The K5 is the next generation, and it replaces the Optima.

Come put a Kia to the test. Visit the Gervais Kia team in Lowell, and take one for a drive. You will be impressed from the moment you step on the gas.

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